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About the Mila Blog
by Editorial

The Mila blog aims to provide a medium for Mila researchers and staff to share their research, collaborations and experiences with the AI community at large. Every post is authored by members of the Mila community and reviewed by the editorial board.

Mila Editorial Board:

Contact us at blog@mila.quebec.

The Mila blog is a representation of the research institute’s diverse community, research interests and projects. The blog comprises three main sections in order to reflect the ongoing activities of Mila and its researchers, staff and partners. 

Mila is the largest academic research institute specializing in machine learning and reinforcement learning. The research blog provides a medium for Mila students and faculty to share their scientific findings.

Life at Mila
To date, Mila counts more than 600 students across its several training programs. “Life at Mila” provides students and faculty with a space to share their experiences as active members of the community.

Partner relationships play a major role in Mila’s development and foster a strong and sustainable ecosystem. This subcategory of the blog aims to promote projects carried out by Mila researchers in collaboration with industry partners.

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