Four new companies obtain the Mila Startup status

MONTREAL - July 28, 2022 - Mila, Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, is proud to announce that four companies launched by members of its community were awarded the status of Mila Startup by the Startups Committee: Apex, Chapa, Raiv Computers and Wise Algorithms. These companies were selected for their scientific excellence and commitment to the responsible use of AI. 

Obtaining Mila Startup status allows these companies to access funding and Mila's community activities, in addition to becoming full partners endorsed by the research institute.

Meet our newest startups:

Apex: Co-founded by Manuel de Verme and Simone Totaro of Mila, Apex Research seeks to understand  economic and financial interactions through open market dynamics. The company develops large-scale AI-based supply and demand simulators to help decision-makers make more informed decisions at any scale.

Chapa: Co-founded by Israel Goytom, ex-researcher at Mila, Chapa is an Ethiopian financial services and data engineering company. Chapa helps merchants and entrepreneurs accept online and offline payments and easily access loans from the same platform.

Raiv Computers: Founded by Parikshat Sirpal, ex-PhD Mila, and Julien Rimok, Raiv Computers is a neurotechnology startup developing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to improve neural therapies using brain-machine interfaces and deep brain stimulation.

Wise Algorithms: Co-founded by Maksym Korablyov, PhD Mila, Wise Algorithms finds cures for diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer. Its technology based on high throughput biological experimentation, active learning, and GFlowNets allows them to design antibodies that target membrane proteins and transmit the signal directly into the diseased cell.

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