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Mila Entrepreneurship Lab

Fostering the growth of AI startups

Mila's community of over 900 members is committed to scientific excellence and innovation. The core mission of our Entrepreneurship Lab is to develop their sense of entrepreneurship and support the growth of their business projects at any stage of development.


Focused support in synergy with the ecosystem

The Mila Entrepreneurship Lab encourages the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit of its community, accompanies several student-entrepreneurs annually, and contributes to the creation of startups from within the community. These initiatives are carried out in collaboration with the existing entrepreneurial ecosystem, which enhances our service offering and helps our startups continue their journey after their time at Mila.

Unlocking AI’s full potential

What is a Mila Startup?

Mila Startups are founded by members of the Mila community and selected based on their scientific excellence and commitment to the responsible use of AI.

The 18 Mila Startups

New York City


Bhairav Mehta

Buzzle is mining sales calls for product and marketing teams.



Brady Neal

Oogway is a decision engine. Just as a search engine helps people find information, Oogway helps people make a decision.


Vivid Machines

Jonathan Binas

Vivid Machines is using computer vision technology to help fruit farmers optimize yield and quality.


Korbit Technologies

Iulian Serban

Korbit Technologies develops an AI-powered teacher that is highly effective, costs nothing to deliver, and is infinitely scalable to transform learning for 8 billion people to solve the significant talent shortage in tech.

Montreal + San Francisco


Alexandre de Brébisson

Lyrebird has been pioneering voice cloning technologies since 2017. It merged with Descript in 2022 to build a video/audio editor based on text.



Marc-Antoine Provost, Philippe Beardsell

Ruse is redefining how strategy games are being studied and understood, upskilling the next generation of strategists.



Rémi Dion

Explorai lowers the barrier to entry for SMEs to leverage their data and machine learning applications for their operations and products.



Charles Onu

Ubenwa is solving communication with infants pre-speech, enabling parents and physicians to discover neurological insights and physical needs solely from cry sound analysis.


Perceiv AI

Christian Dansereau

Through advanced machine learning algorithms, Perceiv AI helps pharmaceutical companies with more efficient and accurate subject stratification for their clinical trials.


Neural Drive

Marco Bonizzato

NeuralDrive is a precision neuromodulation medicine company leveraging AI to develop a new generation of neural interfaces. It has established a revolutionary technology for movement recovery after spinal cord injury, based on intracortical microstimulation, and now aims at clinical trials.

Addis Ababa


Israel Goytom

Chapa is an Ethiopian Financial Service and Data Engineering Company. It helps merchants and entrepreneurs accept payments online and offline and access loans without any troubles right from the same platform.



Manuel Del Verme, Simone Totaro

Apex Research is on a quest of understanding economic and financial interactions via open market dynamics. The startup is developing large scale AI based simulators of demand and supply to help decision makers to take better informed decisions at any scale.


Raiv Computers

Julien Rimok

Raiv Computers is a neurotechnology startup building state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to improve neural therapies that make use of brain-computer interfaces & deep-brain stimulation.



Maksym Korablyov

DreamFold finds cures for diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer. Its technology based on high throughput biological experimentation, active learning, and GFlowNets allows them to design antibodies that target membrane proteins and transmit the signal directly into the diseased cell.


Unser Dialog

Julia Kaltenborn

Unser Dialog provides a dialogue forum where controversial topics can be discussed in a fruitful and empowering manner. Its mission is to make AI knowledge accessible for everyone, empowering and including citizens in AI decision-making.



SilicoLabs creates tools that empower anyone to create virtual and real-world interactive experiences that humans and AI can engage with while capturing high-fidelity behavioural data. This innovative approach bridges the gap between psychology/neuroscience and AI research to ensure that AI is aligned with human values and capabilities.



Dora Jambor

Mohana aims to make it easier for people with lifestyle-related chronic conditions to improve their well-being and symptoms. The startup product is designed around the key stepping stones of how one would work with a nutritionist or a naturopath.


Aeroport AI

Xuan Li

Aeroport AI reduces aircraft preparation time and flight delays by using Computer Vision and Deep Learning to monitor and analyze aircraft ground handling in real-time and provide delay alerts and predictions to optimize apron operations.

At Mila, startups enjoy several benefits


Access to various compute credits and scholarships


Access to Mila's qualified student community through its partner status


Support from Mila's applied AI experts and mentorship opportunities

Turn an idea into a concrete business project

Every year, the Entrepreneurship Lab is :


Hours dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship

More than 100 hours of mentoring, workshops and events to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our researchers


Supported Entrepreneurs

More than 50 entrepreneurs from our community benefiting from personalized support


Business Accelerators

More than 5 accelerators supporting the rapid growth of Mila Startups

"Mila's student community is among the best positioned in the industry to develop innovative AI application ideas. Our role is to help them maximize the entrepreneurial potential of their project."
Gabrielle Hurtubise-Radet
Startup Programs Lead, Partnerships
"Mila’s Entrepreneurship Lab gives us the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs at the same stage of development and network with other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial system that could be potential investors."
Marco Bonizzato
Chief Technology Officer at Neural Drive and former Mila postdoc
"Mila startups add a unique scientific dimension to the Montreal ecosystem. They are founded by students who are very strong scientifically and who are eager to learn."
Laurent Charlin
Mila core academic member and mentor in the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and Next AI programs
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