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Requesting a Supervisor

To be a research student at Mila, you must be supervised by one of its affiliated professors. 

We recommend that you submit a supervision request to maximize your chances of being admitted to a university, as some Mila professors require applicants to be selected through this process. However, not all Mila professors participate in the Mila supervision matching process. If you are interested in being supervised by a professor who is not listed on the request form, please contact that professor through their website.

Please keep in mind that you will have to attend the university with which your advisor is affiliated. Therefore, you must also complete the application process at the corresponding university.

Submitting a Request

Each student at Mila is supervised by one of our affiliated professors. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Begin by filling out and submitting Mila’s Supervision Request form. You can select up to three senior professors affiliated with Mila, regardless of their home university or school.

Please choose the name(s) of the faculty members you wish to work with and whose research best reflects your interests. The order in which you list your professor choices matters! Choice #1 will have higher priority over choice #2 in considering your application. Similarly, choice #2 will have higher priority over choice #3.

Please note that other Mila-affiliated faculty members (both Core Members and Associate Members) could contact you if they are interested in your application. Your level of access to Mila resources will depend on your advisor’s affiliation status at Mila. Your potential advisor can provide you with more details about this.

2. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from Mila.
3. Prepare your application for admission to the university or school of the professor you selected as your supervisor.
4. Submit your application to the university or school of the professor you selected as your supervisor.
5. If you are an international student, begin applying for a study visa as soon as you receive the official letters of admission from the affiliated university or school.
6. Internships and postdocs are considered paid employment. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you must apply for the applicable work permit once your application for supervision has been approved.

Important Reminder

  • If you plan to submit requests for supervision to professors at more than one affiliated university or school, be sure to complete the application process for each university or school. 
  • Applying to the university or school affiliated with Mila is a mandatory step. A notice of acceptance from Mila does not by itself constitute admission to the affiliated university or school.
  • The request for supervision is designed to assist in the selection and matching of professors and applicants, and does not exclude other ways for them to make contact.

Deadlines for affiliated universities and schools

Please note the admission dates for the universities and schools affiliated with Mila to make sure you submit your application on time:

Recruitment period for the 2023 school year 

The recruitment period for new Mila students (Research Master’s and PhD) runs from October 15 to December 1, 2022

Requests for supervision are reviewed by a committee at Mila. Applicants who are admitted to Mila will be notified between January and April.

Open Postdoctoral Positions

Ongoing recruitment efforts

There are currently no open positions at this time. Check this page regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming positions.