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Aditya Jain

Posted on24 Apr 2021
My experiences and interests are centered around robotics and applied AI. At Mila, I am working on the theme of AI for...
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Tianyu Zhang

Posted on20 Apr 2021
An incoming Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio. My research interests include Algorithmic Game Theory, Agent-based Model Simulator, AI for Climate...
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Fabio Viola

Posted on17 Mar 2021
Fabio Viola is a researcher at DeepMind, focusing on developing fundamental methods for capturing the notion of uncertainty for reinforcement learning (RL)...
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Charlie Gauthier

Posted on27 Feb 2021
I am interested in robotics, automation, and related learning algorithms (RL, IL, etc.). I believe that the path forward for humanity absolutely...
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Rishabh Agarwal

Posted on22 Feb 2021
I am a research associate in the Google Research, Brain Team in Montréal. Previously, I spent a year at Geoffrey Hinton’s amazing...
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Amin Mansouri

Posted on19 Feb 2021
I joined Mila and the Computer Science and Operations Research department (DIRO) at the Université de Montréal (UdeM) as a research Master’s student in...
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