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Graduate Research Programs

A community of nearly 1,000 researchers

Studying at Mila means joining the world’s largest community of academic researchers in deep learning. 

Each student researcher is supervised by one of our affiliated professors and can choose among the many research programs offered at our partner universities and schools. Students are enrolled in a program at one of these institutions and earn their degree through the university, as Mila does not grant degrees.

University research programs


  • At the Université de Montréal, a master’s program in computer science allows students to deepen their knowledge of a specific aspect of this field of study. It is offered by the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research. To learn more about the professional master’s degree in machine learning, please see the page on professional programs
  • Polytechnique Montréal offers a research master’s degree in computer engineering (modular or non-modular). This program allows students to deepen their technological and scientific knowledge and initiate themselves to research.
  • The School of Computer Science at McGill University offers a master’s degree (with thesis) for students who have a keen interest in computer science research.


  • At the Université de Montréal, the bulk of the doctoral program in computer science is focused on research and thesis writing. Students are expected to contribute to advancing knowledge in this field.
  • The Ph.D. program in Computer Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal is designed to allow students to acquire knowledge in five fields of computer engineering: software, embedded systems, networking and mobile computing, intelligent systems, as well as digital simulation and visualization.
  • HEC Montréal offers a doctorate in Administration – Management Science. Students can work on a variety of subjects, including probabilistic decision support models and algorithmic discrimination in these models.


You can also pursue postdoctoral studies at Mila through our affiliated universities and schools (listed under “Doctorate”). You can register for a postdoc position at any time of year.

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To do an internship at Mila, you first have to be selected by one of our affiliated professors. Internships are possible at any time of year.

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Choose from nearly 100 professors

The Mila faculty is recognized worldwide for their major contributions to the field of machine learning. They are also committed to developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of society as a whole.

To find a research supervisor among our affiliated professors, please visit our directory.

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New : Mila EDI Scholarships Program 

Mila believes in the immense richness of a diversified and inclusive community. As part of its equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) action plans and policies, Mila has recently launched an EDI Scholarships Program to ensure the strong participation of women in the AI ecosystem and to encourage diversity as a lever for innovation in research:

  • Category 1 — Excellence Scholarships – Women in AI
  • Category 2 — Excellence Scholarships – EDI in Research 
  • Category 3 — Socioeconomic Diversity Scholarships 

To learn more about the program, click here.