Aishwarya Agrawal

Academic Core Member
Aishwarya Agrawal
Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal, DeepMind
Aishwarya Agrawal

Aishwarya Agrawa will be joining Mila in Fall 2020. She is currently a Research Scientist at DeepMind (London office). She successfully defended her PhD dissertation in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech in August 2019. During her PhD, she was advised by Dhruv Batra and also collaborated closely with Devi Parikh.

Her research interests lie at the intersection of Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, with a focus on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that that can ‘see’ (i.e. understand the contents of an image: who, what, where, doing what?) and ‘talk’ (i.e. communicate the understanding to humans in free-form natural language).

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Mila goes virtual

Starting March 16, 2020, Mila shifts its activities to virtual platforms in order to minimize COVID-19 diffusion.

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