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AI4Good Lab

AI4Good Lab

Empowering women to succeed in AI.

The AI4Good Lab is a 7-week program that equips women+ with the skills to build their own machine learning (ML) projects. The Lab emphasizes mentorship and curiosity-driven learning to prepare our participants for a career in artificial intelligence (AI).

The program is designed to open doors for those who have historically been underrepresented in the AI industry. The term women+ includes cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary people, and anyone who self-identifies as having experienced misogyny.  

The initiative helps build a more inclusive and diverse tech culture in Canada while inspiring the next generation of leaders to use AI as a tool for social good.

The Lab was founded in 2017 by Dr. Doina Precup, Associate Professor at McGill University, Core Academic Member at Mila, Research Team Lead at Deepmind and Canada CIFAR AI Chair and Angelique Mannella, Chief of Staff at AWS Industries. The program is offered each summer in Montréal, Toronto and Edmonton. 

The next event will be held from May 1 to June 20, 2023.

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→ Gain fundamental skills in machine learning with lectures from leading researchers.
→ Attend talks and workshops with prominent industry, academic, and social good speakers.
→ Meet AI professionals in academia and industry at networking events.
→ Build an ML project that addresses social good issues with mentorship from AI experts.
→ Pitch your social good prototype at Demo Day.