Organizations with machine learning capabilities can find great value in entering Mila’s partnership program.

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Creating Long-Term Value for Organizations

Mila distinguishes itself by the impressive achievements of its researchers and the in-depth expertise of its technology and applied artificial intelligence (AI) teams of experts. Through a unique collaborative structure, Mila delivers tools that meet the needs of organizations building their AI capacity.

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Mila, an AI Centre of Gravity for the Business Community

Interview with Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice-President of Mila


Industry Partners

Mila hosts more than 120 industry partners in its ecosystem, including more than 30 Mila startups.


Canadian Partners

Of those 120+ industry partners, more than 75 are Canadian.



Over the past year, more than 60 students from Mila have completed internships in industry. 

Becoming a Partner

Our industry partners are leveraging Mila’s extraordinary talent pool to further develop their AI capacities and expertise. Our partnerships program is designed to help them meet their biggest challenges.

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Three people talking at the Mila partners' symposium.

Mila Partner Benefits

Applied or Fundamental Research Projects

Applied or Fundamental Research Projects

Tailored support to help you develop a project with our applied machine learning experts or faculty members.



Several opportunities to recruit from our community of approximately 900 master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral students (job and internship fairs, online job portal).



Gain access to a unique collaborative workspace at the heart of the AI ecosystem and a diverse community located in the Mile-Ex, the Mecca of AI in Montreal.

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Events & Scientific Training

Take part in a wide array of activities and training sessions to stay current with the latest scientific advances, research trends and upcoming publications.

Collaborative Research with Mila Faculty Members

Our partners closely work with Mila professors and their students on innovative, high-impact projects grounded in open science.

Examples of research topics

  • Representation learning in natural language processing
  • Deep learning for high-level cognition
  • Synergy between deep learning and reinforcement learning

Related Projects

BIOS and Mila: an innovative approach to treat heart conditions

Professors Blake Richards (McGill/Mila) and Guillaume Lajoie (UdeM/Mila) are working closely with BIOS Health, a biomedical company whose goal is to optimize, automate, and personalize the treatment of chronic heart conditions through neural interfaces. Partners since 2019, BIOS and Mila researchers are bringing together their brightest minds to develop a closed-loop neuromodulation system using AI.

Brainbox and Mila: an accelerated learning process to benefit AI-built environments

By leveraging state-of-the-art meta-learning, BrainBox AI and David Rolnick (McGill/Mila) are working together to reduce the amount of data needed to train the company's globally deployed AI algorithms. Specifically, this collaboration will result in the development of a neural network that is “conscious” of the components of a new building and capable of deploying its intelligence in similar buildings. These efforts will enable BrainBox AI to implement an accelerated learning process to benefit AI-built environments.

Algolux and Mila: advancing autonomous driving with car simulation technology

Professor Christopher Pal (Polytechnique/Mila) is working with Algolux to develop a car simulator to accelerate research on planning and decision-making in autonomous driving. Their recent collaboration produced latent variable sequential set transformers that predict the future evolution of real-world multi-agent scenarios. Equipped with these models, the simulator can generate new plausible scenarios of interactions between multiple agents. The result of this collaboration will facilitate research on reinforcement learning and planning algorithms for self-driving cars or sidewalk robots.

Offers for Startup Partners

Mila introduced additional privileges to meet the needs of its startup partners.

  • Targeted short-term support in the application fields of deep learning
  • Up to $100 000 in cloud credits
  • Support for an R&D project in AI offered by a Mila student-researcher

Mila Startups

Many of our startup partners were founded by Mila research students.

See how we support their rise.

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