Medeloop Partners with Mila to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Health Technology

Mila and Medeloop logos
Menlo Park, March 5, 2024 – Mila is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Medeloop, a health tech company with the mission to accelerate clinical research and patient care outcomes.

Founded by a team with Quebec roots, Medeloop is an innovative platform that transforms clinical research through simplifying grant applications, data collection, harmonization, and biomarker and trend identification. This partnership with Mila underscores Medeloop's dedication to fostering an innovative ecosystem and broadening the horizons of ethical AI in health research, all with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient outcomes.

Together, Medeloop and Mila are aiming to transform health research. Combining Mila's extensive network of over 1,200 specialized machine learning researchers with Medeloop's cutting-edge AI-driven platform for clinical research and trials, the next generation of clinical research can be achieved. This partnership aims to offer researchers powerful tools to integrate, harmonize, and analyze extensive health data using advanced AI tools to significantly expedite the clinical research process.

The integration of AI into health research processes can significantly accelerate the pace of discovery by identifying patterns and correlations within medical data that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Naturally, patient privacy and data security are paramount in any health research endeavor, and this partnership is committed to upholding these principles.

The collaboration is driven by a shared goal: accelerate clinical research, thereby enabling faster discovery of disease insights and the advancement of enhanced patient treatments. Medeloop's platform facilitates advanced data analytics and real-time patient monitoring, allowing healthcare professionals to identify trends, customize treatment protocols, and intervene swiftly when needed. This approach not only improves patient outcomes through timely and individualized care but also aids in reducing hospitalizations by preventing complications and optimizing recovery processes.

“As we move forward in this era of data-driven healthcare, partnerships like this will continue to play a crucial role in advancing clinical research and ultimately elevating patient care globally. Keep an eye on this dynamic collaboration; it has the potential to reshape the future of health research.” said Rene Caissie, CEO of Medeloop.

"Mila is very pleased to partner with Medeloop and pursue our shared commitment to improving and facilitating healthcare research through the use of AI. This partnership represents a promising step towards improving patient care through impactful clinical research,” said Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice President of Mila.


About Medeloop 

Founded by U.S. and Canadian entrepreneurs, Medeloop is a revolutionary healthcare technology company, developed to facilitate breakthroughs in clinical research. Leveraging AI, Medeloop simplifies the research process with tools for grant applications, clinical studies,and data analysis, all through a user-friendly, no-code interface. The platform streamlines clinical research by aggregating and analyzing thousands of disparate data sources, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), wearables, multi-omics, genetics, and environmental data. 

Beyond its pivotal role in advancing research, Medeloop specializes in supporting clinical care and outpatient therapy. By providing a seamless platform for remote patient monitoring, Medeloop empowers healthcare professionals to extend their care beyond the confines of traditional healthcare settings. This proactive approach not only enhances patient engagement and compliance but also enables timely interventions and adjustments to treatment plans, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes and reducing the need for prolonged hospital stays.

About Mila 

Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, Mila is the world’s largest academic research center for deep learning, bringing together over 1,200 specialized researchers in machine learning. Based in Montreal and funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Mila's mission is to be a global center for scientific advancements that inspire innovation and the growth of AI for the benefit of all. Mila is a globally recognized non-profit organization for its significant contributions to deep learning, especially in the fields of language modeling, automatic translation, object recognition, and generative models. For more information, visit