AI Governance, Public Policy and Safety

Ensuring the seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide.

The widespread introduction of any new technology can lead to public concern, controversy, and even disinformation. Because of AI’s powerful potential to change everything from business to the creative industries, it is essential to understand public perception and help guide public policy. 

The effective and responsible application of technologies as powerful as AI cannot be left to chance. Local, national and international cooperation is essential in ensuring the development of comprehensive and robust safeguards and governance. Mila is leading a range of international and interdisciplinary projects, including partnerships with UNESCO, the United Nations, and numerous corporate and industry partners.

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What We Do

Mila works primarily in the areas of consulting and research. From helping to develop industry tools and standards to contributing to international policy, Mila brings together thought leaders from around the world to ensure a just and equitable AI future for all.

AI Insights for Policymakers Program

The AI information space is noisy, often highly technical, full of competing claims and vested interests. Finding reliable, independent and, above all, relevant insights is challenging. This rings especially true for policymakers grappling with how best to approach, regulate or leverage AI for the public interest despite having limited access to technical AI expertise and no clear mechanism to engage with scientific experts. This knowledge-brokering initiative - led by Mila and CIFAR - addresses this gap by providing a platform for policymakers and scientists to have timely and meaningful interactions on key issues. 

Ultimately, we seek to bolster evidence-based policies across Canada by enabling policymakers to tap into the breadth and depth of the Canadian AI ecosystem’s knowledge.

International Initiatives

In order to develop effective AI safeguards and governance, international cooperation is key. Mila remains a leader when it comes to advancing research into responsible application and risk mitigation for AI systems and AI governance. 

Major international partnerships include:

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GPAI Project: Towards Real Diversity and Gender Equality in Artificial Intelligence

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) project “Towards Real Diversity and Gender Equality in Artificial Intelligence: Evidence-Based Promising Practices and Recommendations” aims to provide governments and other stakeholders of the AI ecosystem with recommendations, tools, and promising practices to integrate Diversity and Gender Equality (DGE) considerations into the AI life cycle and related policy-making.

Protecting Human Rights in the Age of AI Conference

Bringing together key stakeholders from the academic fields of machine learning, law, and social sciences, alongside representatives from civil society and policy-making communities, the international conference hosted at Mila in February 2024 aimed to advance the critical efforts needed to incorporate human rights into AI governance mechanisms.