Impact Reports

Mila’s impact reports offer a window into Mila’s cutting-edge research, solutions for the industry, and vital social discourse around the development of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Rapid evolution, shifting context, mobilized community.

The Mila community came together in 2017 on the basis of a common ambition: to become a global hub of scientific advances that inspires innovation and the growth of AI for the benefit of all.  Since then, our community has grown from a handful of individuals to over 1400 members, amplifying the importance of our mission and values in today's rapidly advancing AI landscape.

Read our latest Impact Report to discover some of the key research and initiatives carried out by members of our community over the past year. 

Read the 2022-2023 impact report

View of downtown Montreal at sunset.

Past Reports

Thumbnail of the 2021-2022 impact report.

Purposeful AI. Global Reach: 2021-2022 Impact Report

View of earth from space.

2021-22 Summary of AI Adoption Activities – Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Thumbnail of the 2020-2021 impact report.

Mila: A world-renowned artificial intelligence hub in Quebec: 2020-2021 Impact Report

View of the Mila façade.

2019-2020 Annual Report

Students walking to the agora café at Mila.

2018-2019 Annual Report