TRAIL provide participants with the foundational knowledge, skills and tools to responsibly design and conduct their artificial intelligence (AI) projects. 

Logo of the program and photo of three people working together.

About the Program


TRAIL attendees learn how to apply best practices and methodologies throughout the AI life cycle, from identifying ethical concerns to assessing impact and investigating and mitigating unintended consequences. 


Led by experienced facilitators and taught by renowned Mila faculty and experts, participants have an opportunity to discuss and work with their peers and other professionals on real-world case studies. TRAIL is a space for co-creating knowledge with peers in order to collectively build a culture of responsible AI. 

Who should take this course?

The program is aimed at anyone involved in the creation, deployment, maintenance, sale or acquisition of AI systems. This includes technical staff, executives and managers involved in the deployment or use of AI systems. In addition, our customized offer enables organizations to train entire teams at all levels of responsibility.

What you'll get

  • Expert presentations by renowned Mila professionals and external experts;

  • Case studies and practical exercises;

  • Practical tools and skills to implement RAI practices; 

  • Resources to help you get started and continue after the course;

  • TRAIL certificate of completion.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what responsible AI is;

  • Develop ethical awareness and critical thinking skills for conducting responsible AI projects;

  • Learn to assess the downstream impacts of AI research projects and make conscious design choices, through practical tools, frameworks and case studies.

Photo of Liudmyla, Data Scientist

I realized that the field of ethical AI is much broader than I thought. Practical case studies showed us the questions we need to ask at every stage to ensure that our projects are conducted ethically. It's a great course to start thinking in terms of ethical AI and to introduce more of its elements into our business.

Liudmyla, Data Scientist

Teaching Method

The program comprises 12 hours of synchronous training. 


Wherever possible, participants receive pre-assignments for each module to prepare for the session and enrich discussions. Session content is balanced between expert presentations and practical workshops. Real-life use cases are used to reinforce learning. Participants also benefit from moments of interaction with the experts and discussions with their peers.  


This training program is designed around a competency-based approach.


Download the detailed program

For groups of 15 or more participants, TRAIL can be offered as a custom made programme. Please contact for more information.


How long does it take to complete the program?

This 12-hour program can be offered in person over 3 modules spread over 3 weeks, or online. In the latter case, the program consists of 5 shorter modules spread over 5 weeks.

Where does the program take place?

The Summer 2024 cohort will take place at Mila: 

Mila - Quebec AI Institute
6650 Saint-Urbain Street, #200
Montréal, QC
H2S 3H1

Which program should you choose for more than five people in the same organization?

If more than 5 people from your organization wish to take the course, we will be delighted to offer you a customized TRAIL program. Following a scoping meeting, we will be able to provide you with a tailor-made program, including the possible addition of specific modules and case studies as close as possible to your realities. 


Tailor-made programs are highly recommended for all organizations wishing to make responsible AI a priority.

Is the program offered in both official languages?

The program is offered in English, but lead facilitators will understand and encourage participation in both official languages. 


Teaching materials will be available in both official languages wherever possible. However, some optional or additional materials may not be available in both languages. Future cohorts will be offered in both languages.


Customized programs can be delivered in English or French.