Strategic Priorities

Mila hosts more than 50 Canada CIFAR AI Chairs. In line with their own expertise, each Chair develops socially beneficial artificial intelligence (AI) tools, leveraging the knowledge and skills of teams of students and postdoctoral researchers from all around the world. 

Mila’s expertise drives multidisciplinary research towards finding solutions to humankind’s most pressing challenges, supported by strong relationships and collaborations with academia, industry, international organizations and governments. 


From healthcare to climate change, and robotics to responsible AI, Mila researchers are developing cutting-edge basic and applied research through hundreds of collaborative projects.


Putting AI at the service of science, Mila is committed to an open approach rooted in the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, ensuring that work developed at Mila benefits everyone, everywhere.

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AI and Health

Healthcare is one of the most promising fields for the application of AI. From drug discovery to medical imaging and neurosciences, Mila researchers are helping to build responsible and inclusive AI tools, ensuring a healthier future for all.

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Responsible AI

Responsible AI has been at the heart of Mila’s mission since the institute's creation. Research in this area explores the pitfalls and potential risks of AI, while seeking technical solutions to make machine learning algorithms safer, fairer and more trustworthy.

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Environment and Energy

Climate change is increasingly affecting everyone around the world, and AI can help navigate some of these challenges. Through research projects on carbon capture, meteorological modelling, biodiversity, satellite imagery, and environmentally friendly solutions for renewable energy, Mila researchers are using their expertise to help ensure a more sustainable future.

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Scientific research generates immense amounts of data. By harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms, Mila’s researchers are helping to tackle major scientific challenges such as antimicrobial resistance, pandemic response, climate change, and how to accelerate the discovery process in science and medicine. 

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Language and Image

Mila’s researchers are pioneers in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, while continuing to explore the intersections of both technologies, as well as how to address some of the weaknesses of large language models.

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Robotics are essential to many of today’s industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. Mila researchers are tackling challenges such as better long-term planning for the use of robots in the real world, building representations of the physical environment and building better workflows to teach robots new tasks. 

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