Mila's offices are located in the Mile-Ex neighbourhood of Montréal. 

Main facade of the Mila premises.


All visitors must register at the Mila reception desk on the second floor of the 6666 Saint-Urbain Street building, with the exception of visitors attending events in the Agora or Agora-Café, who can access them directly via the main entrance of 6650 Saint-Urbain.


Please note that the Mila reception is only accessible via the elevators of the 6666 building and the staircase located near these elevators.


Please note that the red staircase does not lead to the reception.


6666 Saint-Urbain Street, #200
Montreal, QC, H2S 3H1

Business Hours

Monday - Friday
9 am to 5 pm

General Information

Media Requests


The Agora and the Agora-Café

The Agora and the Agora-Café venues are located on the first floor of the 6650 Saint-Urbain building. Participants are welcomed to access events held in these venues directly from the 6650 building entrance. 

Photo of the Agora-Café space at Mila.


Please note that parking space around the Mila office is limited. Public transportation is recommended. The Beaubien and De Castelnau metro stations are within walking distance, as are several bus lines (18, 55, 80).