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Life at Mila

A vibrant and unique research institute

Founded in 1993 by Professor Yoshua Bengio, Mila now brings together more than 1,000 student researchers and nearly 100 professors from the Université de Montréal, McGill University, École Polytechnique and HEC Montréal. Our institute also includes professors from Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke and the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) as well as multiple industry partners from Canada and around the world. 

Thanks to this unique collaborative model and values rooted in openness and social awareness, Mila offers its student community an inclusive and stimulating environment for research and innovation while contributing to the growth of an ecosystem that inspires the development of artificial intelligence for the common good

Meet the next generation of AI leaders

Meet some members of our community and learn more about their research interests and why they chose Mila.

Bonaventure Dossou
Master’s intern, Jacobs University Bremen

Dongyan Lin
Doctoral student, McGill University

Jose Gallego-Posada
Doctoral student, Université de Montréal

O Mile-Ex: a place to share ideas and collaborate

Mila’s student-researchers work in an exceptional environment in the heart of Mile-Ex, a trendy Montreal neighborhood located between Mile-End, Little Italy and Parc-Extension. Inaugurated in 2019, our modern and welcoming spaces on Saint-Urbain Street are designed to foster interactions between the university community, industrial partners and Mila employees.

 A dynamic and diverse student life

Thanks to the ongoing commitment of Mila members, our student researchers benefit from a wide range of resources and amenities to enrich their academic journey and ensure their well-being. Here is an overview of the initiatives in place to achieve this.

Black at Mila

Black at Mila is a collective dedicated to increasing the presence and inclusion of Black researchers and professionals in artificial intelligence at Mila by creating spaces to share ideas, foster collaborations, mentorship, and advocacy.

Buddy System

The Buddy System is a pairing initiative coordinated by Mila’s lab representatives (Lab Reps) to welcome new students and help them navigate the Mila ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship Lab

The Mila Entrepreneurship Lab runs a number of programs aimed at developing students’ entrepreneurial spirit and supporting young entrepreneurs in the growth of their projects. The Lab also plays a key role in the development of startups originating in the community. Learn more

Internship Opportunities and Job Prospects

With nearly 120 industrial partners, Mila's students have privileged access to internship opportunities and job prospects from them throughout the year.

Lab Representatives

Lab Reps are a point of contact to facilitate communication between/among students, interns, postdocs, faculty staff, as well as to enhance student involvement in decision-making processes.


Up and running since April 2022, the Mila Creative Space is an ideal place to take a break from studying. A 3D printer, robots and many other tools help the community give free rein to their creativity. Introductory workshops in soldering, electronics and 3D printing are also offered from time to time.

Mental Health Committee

Comprised of Mila staff and students, the Mental Health Committee carries out a variety of initiatives to encourage mental health awareness, acceptance and action in the community and provides appropriate resources when needed.

Mentorship Program

The Mila Mentorship Program enables about 20 students each year to be coached by an AI professional or a senior Mila researcher to achieve their personal and professional development goals. Learn more

Reading Groups

Reading groups evolve based on student interests and cover various topics such as neural networks, natural language processing, and AI and music. These activities are an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of cutting-edge AI research and build relationships with other Mila members.

Responsible AI training program [TRAIL Research]

TRAIL Research is a responsible AI training program specifically designed for students at Mila. Interactive and practical, it provides participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to design and conduct their research projects responsibly.

Tea Talks

Tea talks are scientific keynote lectures usually held on Friday mornings. In each session, a member of Mila or a guest gives a presentation of about one hour on a topic related to machine learning, followed by 15 minutes of questions. Learn more


Women@Mila is a grassroots initiative led by student and staff volunteers — focused on enriching the social, academic and professional experiences for all women working and studying at Mila through community-building events and initiatives. Learn more

Montreal, a lively city

One of Canada’s three largest metropolises alongside Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal has much to offer students who choose to make the city their home. 

Five good reasons to study in Montreal (and at Mila)

  1. With more than $1.34 billion in annual funding, Montreal is the number one city in Canada for university research in AI, abounding with business and employment opportunities.
  2. In 2022, the QS Best Student Cities Ranking crowned Montreal as Canada’s best city for students and the ninth best city in the world (tied with Boston and Paris). The cost of living is also lower than in Toronto and Vancouver.
  3. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city where more than 120 cultural communities live side by side. Nearly 60% of the population is bilingual (French and English).
  4. Recognized worldwide for its cultural vitality, Montreal offers an abundance of festivals and cultural and sporting events throughout the year.
  5. With nearly 1,500 parks on the Island of Montreal, including the iconic Mount Royal that offers stunning viewpoints, residents can easily access nature in the heart of the city.

Featured Video (Montreal International)

To learn more, visit I Choose Montréal, Greater Montréal’s international students portal. 

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