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4 Apr 2024

Yeji Data Lab Partners with Mila to Promote AI Integration and Collaboration between Industry Leaders and Academic Experts

MONTREAL, April 4, 2024 – Mila is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Yeji Data Lab, an emerging Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in multiple industries including supply chain, retail, and engineering. This collaboration aims to accelerate the integration of advancements in the field by engaging industry leaders and nurturing top-tier talent of the AI ecosystem.

Based in Montreal, a world-leading hub of AI innovation, Yeji Data Lab specializes in crafting customized technology and software services designed to empower industry leaders in constructing high-impact, operationally efficient use cases. By leveraging years of applied experience, the company guides product development from ideation to full-scale deployment, through state-of-the-art techniques in research design, data science, and engineering. Its unique approach effectively navigates the inherent risks of integrating new technology for industry leaders, all while understanding clients’ business needs, ensuring impactful value and growth.

“We are privileged to be part of a vibrant AI ecosystem in Canada, particularly in Montreal, and aim to showcase the exceptional talent and cutting-edge technology present here to the world. As artificial intelligence takes center stage for enterprises, governments, and nonprofits, our mission at Yeji Data Lab is to transform this shared ambition into tangible operational impacts for our partners. ” explained David Lederhendler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yeji Data Lab.

“Making the transition from AI research to operational tools is essential, and doing so efficiently and with input from experts in a wide range of fields is all the more impactful. A partnership like this represents a valuable bridge between Mila’s unique AI talent and research and Yeji’s utilization of those advancements in AI to help industry leaders,” affirmed Blake Richards, Core Academic Member at Mila and Scientific Advisor at Yeji Data Lab.


About Yeji Data Lab
Established in 2022 in Montreal, Yeji Data Lab leads the way in developing innovative technology products harnessing artificial intelligence for key verticals including supply chain, retail, and engineering. At our core, the company is powered by world-renowned AI specialists. Our mission is to leverage the capabilities of AI and data to enable leading organizations to achieve greater operational efficiency, ultimately leading to sustainability. For more information, visit


About Mila
Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, Mila is the world’s largest academic research center for deep learning, bringing together over 1,200 specialized researchers in machine learning. Based in Montreal and funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Mila’s mission is to be a global center for scientific advancements that inspire innovation and the growth of AI for the benefit of all. Mila is a globally recognized non-profit organization for its significant contributions to deep learning, especially in the fields of language modeling, automatic translation, object recognition, and generative models. For more information, visit