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Timothy J. O’Donnell

Core Academic Member
Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada CIFAR AI Chair

In my research, I develop mathematical models of language generalization, learning, and processing. My research draws on experimental methods from psychology, formal modeling techniques from natural language processing, theoretical tools from linguistics, and problems from all three.



Systematic Generalization with Edge Transformers


Compositional Generalization in Dependency Parsing
arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.06843


Linguistic dependencies and statistical dependence
Jacob Louis Hoover, Alessandro Sordoni, Wenyu Du and Timothy J. O'Donnell
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.08685
Linguistic Dependencies and Statistical Dependence
Jacob Louis Hoover, Wenyu Du, Alessandro Sordoni and Timothy J. O’Donnell
EMNLP 2021
Characterizing Idioms: Conventionality and Contingency.
Michaela Socolof, Jackie Chi Kit Cheung, Michael Wagner and Timothy J. O'Donnell
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.08664
Jointly Learning Truth-Conditional Denotations and Groundings using Parallel Attention.
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.06645


Processing differences among irregular inflection classes
Maya C Watt, Mika Braginsky and Timothy O’Donnell
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
The Learnability of Goal-directedness in Jazz Music
Daniel Harasim, Timothy O’Donnell and Martin Alois Rohrmeier
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society


Recursive Top-Down Production for Sentence Generation with Latent Trees
Shawn Tan, Yikang Shen, Alessandro Sordoni, Aaron C. Courville and Timothy J. O'Donnell
EMNLP 2020


Recursive Top-Down Production for Sentence Generation with Latent Trees.
Shawn Tan, Yikang Shen, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Alessandro Sordoni and Aaron Courville
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.04704


Statistical Evidence for Learnable Lexical Subclasses in Japanese
Takashi Morita and Timothy J. O’Donnell
Linguistic Inquiry


Probing Linguistic Systematicity
Emily Goodwin, Koustuv Sinha and Timothy J. O'Donnell
Five Ways in Which Computational Modeling Can Help Advance Cognitive Science: Lessons From Artificial Grammar Learning.
Willem Zuidema, Robert M. French, Raquel G. Alhama, Kevin Ellis, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Tim Sainburg and Timothy Q. Gentner
Topics in Cognitive Science
Exploiting Syntactic Structure for Better Language Modeling: A Syntactic Distance Approach
Wenyu Du, Zhouhan Lin, Yikang Shen, Timothy J. O’Donnell, Yoshua Bengio and Yue Zhang


The Jazz Harmony Treebank.
Daniel Harasim, Christoph Finkensiep, Petter Ericson, Timothy J. O'Donnell and Martin Rohrmeier
ISMIR 2020
Storage and Computation of Multimorphemic Words in Turkish.
Rabia Ergin, Emily Morgan and Timothy O'Donnell
Cognitive Science


CLOSURE: Assessing Systematic Generalization of CLEVR Models.
Dzmitry Bahdanau, Harm de Vries, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Shikhar Murty, Philippe Beaudoin, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron C. Courville


Universality and diversity in human song
Samuel A. Mehr, Manvir Singh, Dean Knox, Daniel M. Ketter, Daniel Pickens-Jones, S. Atwood, Christopher Lucas, Nori Jacoby, Alena A. Egner, Erin J. Hopkins, Rhea M. Howard, Joshua K. Hartshorne, Mariela V. Jennings, Jan Simson, Constance M. Bainbridge, Steven Pinker, Timothy J. O’Donnell, Max M. Krasnow and Luke Glowacki
Harmonic Syntax in Time: Rhythm Improves Grammatical Models of Harmony
Daniel Harasim, Timothy J. O'Donnell and Martin Rohrmeier
ISMIR 2019


A thousand studies for the price of one: Accelerating psychological science with Pushkin.
Joshua K Hartshorne, Joshua R de Leeuw, Noah D Goodman, Mariela Jennings and Timothy J O'Donnell
Behavior Research Methods


Morphological Irregularity Correlates with Frequency
Shijie Wu, Ryan Cotterell and Timothy J. O'Donnell


A deep neural network approach to investigate tone space in languages
Bing'er Jiang, Tim O'Donnell and Meghan Clayards
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


Evaluating systematicity in neural networks with natural language inference.
Emily Goodwin, Koustuv Sinha and Timothy J. O'Donnell
Cognitive Science
On Robustness: An Undervalued Dimension of Human Rationality.
Ardavan Salehi Nobandegani, Kevin da Silva Castanheira, Timothy O'Donnell and Thomas R. Shultz
Cognitive Science


A natural history of song [working paper]
Samuel Mehr, Manvir Singh, Dean Knox, Christopher Lucas, Daniel Ketter, Daniel Pickens-Jones, Nori Jacoby, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Steven Pinker and Max Krasnow
(venue unknown)

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