Pascal Lamblin

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Pascal Lamblin
Analyste en informatique, Membre du personnel (ancien)
Pascal Lamblin



Meta-Dataset: A Dataset of Datasets for Learning to Learn from Few Examples
Eleni Triantafillou, Tyler Zhu, Vincent Dumoulin, Pascal Lamblin, Utku Evci, Kelvin Xu, Ross Goroshin, Carles Gelada, Kevin Swersky, Pierre-Antoine Manzagol and Hugo Larochelle


Automatic differentiation in ML: Where we are and where we should be going
Bart van Merriënboer, Olivier Breuleux, Arnaud Bergeron and Pascal Lamblin


Oríon : Experiment Version Control for Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization
Christos Tsirigotis, Xavier Bouthillier, François Corneau-Tremblay, Peter Henderson, Reyhane Askari, Samuel Lavoie-Marchildon, Tristan Deleu, Dendi Suhubdy, Michael Noukhovitch, Frédéric Bastien and Pascal Lamblin
(venue unknown)

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