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Nicolas Payot

Master's Research - Université de Montréal


Active learning meets fractal decision boundaries: a cautionary tale from the Sitnikov three-body problem
Nicolas Payot
Mario Pasquato
Alessandro A. Trani
Chaotic systems such as the gravitational N-body problem are ubiquitous in astronomy. Machine learning (ML) is increasingly deployed to pred… (see more)ict the evolution of such systems, e.g. with the goal of speeding up simulations. Strategies such as active Learning (AL) are a natural choice to optimize ML training. Here we showcase an AL failure when predicting the stability of the Sitnikov three-body problem, the simplest case of N-body problem displaying chaotic behavior. We link this failure to the fractal nature of our classification problem's decision boundary. This is a potential pitfall in optimizing large sets of N-body simulations via AL in the context of star cluster physics, galactic dynamics, or cosmology.
Learning an Effective Evolution Equation for Particle-Mesh Simulations Across Cosmologies
Nicolas Payot
Pablo Lemos
Carolina Cuesta-lazaro
C. Modi