Mila delivers its recommendations as part of the public consultation on the 2022 Québec Research and Innovation Strategy

On May 14, Mila presented its recommendations to the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation and to the Quebec Innovation Council as part of the public consultation on Quebec's new research and innovation strategy, beginning in 2022.

As a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning research, we are proud to present our brief and contribute to Quebec’s ongoing efforts to solidify the province’s position as a world-class stronghold for research and innovation. 

To read our brief (french document): “Mila - un pôle mondial d’intelligence artificielle au Québec” (Mila - a global AI hub in Quebec).

While Quebec and Canada have been in the vanguard of AI research and innovation with important investments in this sector over the last four years, the rest of the world has followed suit. More than 30 countries have deployed ambitious strategies with substantial resources to develop and deploy AI. At the same time, the federal government has just tripled its initial investments to enhance the pan-Canadian AI strategy and grow Mila and the two other Canadian AI research institutes.

The development of AI has accelerated exponentially, creating fierce competition for foreign investment, talent, and available technology. Recent advances also make it possible to see AI as a vector of solutions to global and collective challenges such as health and the environment.

Quebec has the talent and necessary resources to continue setting itself apart. The province will thus pursue its efforts to enable its homegrown businesses and public services to be more efficient and develop a considerable competitive advantage in order to adequately meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Mila is committed to making significant contributions at the highest level to continue to make Quebec a world benchmark in artificial intelligence. 

Overview of our recommendations:

  • Deploy a bold strategy for an agile Quebec ecosystem that capitalizes on its current strengths, relies on collaboration, and stands out nationally and on the world stage.
  • Ensure the continuity and growth of Mila's activities as a global hub of scientific advancements for AI innovation.
  • Accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge computing infrastructures to achieve our scientific ambitions and compete on the global stage.
  • Ensure the emergence of AI centers of excellence in fundamental and applied research relating to AI in sectors such as health and the environment.
  • Deploy a structured multi-level program to support the adoption of AI across Quebec’s SMEs and businesses based on the level of digital maturity.
  • Promote the adoption of AI by the Quebec government to foster AI-enhanced solutions applicable to strategic sectors such as health, education, and the environment. 
  • Deploy programs to facilitate the secure use of public and private data.
  • Implement strategies to help citizens gain a better understanding of AI and to build trust and acceptability.

Click here to read the brief (in French only).