Google Renews its Commitment to Mila with close to $4M Over Three Years

Google Canada announced today that it will be renewing its funding of Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, with a generous pledge of nearly $4M over a three-year period. Google previously invested $4.5M US in 2016, enabling Mila to grow from 25 to 519 researchers.

In a piece written for Google's Official Canada Blog, Yoshua Bengio, Mila Scientific Director, says that this year marked a “watershed moment for the Canadian AI community,” as the COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges that demanded rapid innovation and increased interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers in Canada and around the world.

COVID-19 has changed the world forever and many industries, from healthcare to retail, will need to adapt to thrive in our ‘new normal.’ As we look to the future and how priorities will shift, it is clear that AI is no longer an emerging technology but a useful tool that can serve to solve world problems. Google Canada recognizes not only this opportunity but the important task at hand and I’m thrilled they have reconfirmed their support of Mila with an additional $3,95 million funding grant until 22.

- Yoshua Bengio, for Google’s Official Canada Blog

Google’s renewed commitment will enable Mila to continue to push boundaries in the development of innovative approaches to machine learning for AI and maintain its leadership in the field.

Hugo Larochelle, Head of Google AI Montréal 

"Canada is home to an interactive and interconnected network of some of the most creative thinkers in artificial intelligence today. Research centres like Mila in Québec are outstanding in their innovative research and pursuit of solutions for challenges in the space of healthcare, science, and technology. For Google, this grant and support for Mila means investing in Canada’s future as a world-leader in AI and investing in curiosity, discovery and growth.’’ 

Elissa Strome, Executive Director, Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, CIFAR 

"Google's ongoing investment in AI in Canada is exactly the kind of private, public and academic partnership we need to enable the best and brightest researchers as they advance the science of AI and its applications across sectors. At CIFAR, we are proud to lead the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy and support this community, including the Canada CIFAR AI Chairs at Mila, as they develop cutting edge research and foster talent that keeps Canada at the forefront of the global AI ecosystem." 

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