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Our Project

Our project, called “This Climate Does Not Exist“, aims to raise awareness regarding the devastating effects of climate change by allowing people to imagine what it would look like if extreme climate events affected the places they hold dear.

We do this by using cutting-edge techniques from artificial intelligence — generative adversarial networks, or GANs, which allow us to transform places from what they look like now to what they can look like if affected by heavy flooding, smog or wildfires.

Bringing together a team of multidisciplinary researchers, we have designed a website that will help viewers overcome their cognitive biases around climate change and inspire them to take action.

Current Team Members

Yoshua Bengio
Yoshua Bengio
Scientific Director
Erick Lachapelle
Associate professor (Political science)
Victor Schmidt
PhD Student
Sasha Luccioni
Alex Hernandez-Garcia
Vahe Vardanyan
Mélisande Teng
Research Intern (Machine Learning)
Sunand Raghupathi
Intern (Machine Learning)
Tianyu Zhang
Tianyu Zhang
Machine Learning Intern
Alexia Reynaud
Machine Learning Intern

Past Team Members

Shivam Patel
Intern - Economics
Sahil Bansal
Intern - Machine Learning
Léonard Boussioux
Mobile App Developer (ClimatePix)
Charles Guille-Escuret
Mobile App Developer (ClimatePix)
Vitoria Barin Pacela
Intern (Climate Science + ML)
Gautier Cosne
Research Intern (Machine Learning)
Adrien Juraver
Research Intern (Machine Learning)
Ayesha Liaqat
Research Intern (Behavioral Science)
Yimeng Min
Research Intern (Climate Science)
Mike Arpaia
Machine Learning Engineer

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