Mirco Ravanelli

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Mirco Ravanelli
Étudiant Post-Doc
Mirco Ravanelli
I received my master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering (full marks and honours) from the University of Trento, Italy in 2011. I then joined the SHINE research group (led by Prof. Maurizio Omologo) of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), contributing to some projects on distant-talking speech recognition in noisy and reverberant environments, such as DIRHA and DOMHOS. 
In 2013 I was visiting researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (University of California, Berkeley) working on deep neural networks for large-vocabulary speech recognition in the context of the IARPA BABEL project (led by Prof. Nelson Morgan).

I also cooperated with the Audio and Multimedia Research Group of ICSI contributing to the IARPA Aladdin Project.

I received my PhD (with cum laude distinction) in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Trento in December 2017.  During my PhD I worked on “deep learning for distant speech recognition”,  with a particular focus on recurrent and cooperative neural networks. In the context of my PhD I recently spent  6 months in the MILA lab led by Prof. Yoshua Bengio.

I’m currently a post-doc researcher at the University of Montreal, working on deep learning for speech recognition in the MILA Lab.

Research Interests:

  •  Deep Learning
  •  Recurrent Neural Networks
  •  Cooperative Networks of DNNs
  •  Distant-talking (Far-Field) speech recognition
  •  Unsupervised Learning
  •  Adversarial Training
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