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16 Mar 2022

Twitter announces partnership with Mila

Mila is happy to announce a new partnership with Twitter and the Twitter Cortex data and machine learning (ML) team. This new collaboration will focus on open research engagements between students and faculty from Mila and Twitter researchers to advance ML research across academia and industry.

Below, read the partnership announcement on Twitter’s official blog:

Every day at Twitter, our Cortex data and machine learning group works to develop cutting-edge, ethical machine learning approaches that can accelerate the realization of our unique mission to serve the public conversation. 

We are always looking for new pathways to both expand the reach and impact of our work, and to explore synergies with leading minds in the field. That’s why today, we are beyond thrilled to announce a new partnership with Montreal’s famed Mila (@Mila_Quebec), the world’s largest academic deep learning research institute, headed by Yoshua Bengio, a world pioneer in AI research. 

Our exciting new partnership is part of Twitter’s ongoing investment in raising the profile of machine learning and the Cortex team at Twitter, and commitment to advancing machine learning research across academia and industry. The partnership will feature year-round innovation-focused open research engagements pairing students and faculty from Mila with Twitter and Twitter Cortex researchers. The collaboration will also give Twitter researchers elevated access to Mila events, facilities, and other internal resources.

“This new partnership will create exciting opportunities for our researchers to collaborate with Twitter and Twitter Cortex researchers on the development of responsible, community-driven machine learning systems,” said Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice-President at Mila. “We look forward to working with Twitter to advance the online public discourse.”

“The development of AI for the benefit of all is at the heart of Mila’s mission. It is only natural for us to accompany Twitter and their machine learning team Cortex in developing responsible machine learning systems that can have a meaningful impact on hundreds of millions of Tweets every day,” said Yoshua Bengio, Mila’s Founder and Scientific Director.

“Machine learning is key to Twitter’s success. We regularly engage with leading academic institutions to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning across a range of strategic areas, including NLP, graph ML, and recommender systems. Mila has some of the world’s leading expertise in these areas, and we are looking forward to this collaboration,” said Michael Bronstein, Head of Graph Learning Research and Professor at the University of Oxford. 

Twitter enables billions of people to participate in the global conversation every day. Given the massive scale at which we work, advancements made by Cortex’s machine learning research and engineering teams are essential in helping people find their communities and make meaningful connections, recommending the most relevant and timely content, and most importantly, keeping them safe. Investments in ongoing research and innovation from the Cortex team, paired with partnerships with top-tier institutions like Mila, will help ensure Twitter continues to provide its users the best possible experience and to produce world-class machine learning research.