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1 Feb 2023

Silo AI and Mila join forces to connect leading AI experts in the Nordics and Canada

Montreal, February 2, 2023 – Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private Artificial Intelligence (AI) labs, is proud to announce a partnership with Mila – Quebec AI Institute, the world’s largest academic deep learning research center. Founded by the leading AI researcher, Yoshua Bengio, Mila brings together more than 1,000 academic researchers in machine learning (ML). The partnership aims to connect state-of-the-art AI research with industry needs. With a strong experience in building AI-driven products, Silo AI has gathered a unique pool of AI talent including 240 AI experts, out of which 120 have a PhD degree. 

“We’re extremely happy about this partnership, which is in line with our goal of connecting leading AI scientists with real-world problems and helping companies succeed in building cutting-edge AI. Given our strong roots in academia, the collaboration is a natural step in our expansion outside Europe, with a focus on Canada as a global leader in AI research. Having served Canadian clients for the past few years, we’re excited to continue our wider expansion in North America with Mila,” says Peter Sarlin, CEO of Silo AI. 

“We warmly welcome Silo AI to Mila and to the broader AI ecosystem in Montreal, Canada. Both of our organizations share the commitment to tackle real-world problems and build world-class AI applications, which is why this association is a natural fit for us. This partnership will be valuable for Mila as a research institute and to our industry partner network”. says Yoshua Bengio, Mila’s Founder and Scientific Director. 

Mila’s partnership network covers both organizations with strong ML capabilities and organizations in need of AI expertise. The industry network serves among other things for finding expertise and sharing best practices. With its 110+ partners, Mila has completed projects to accelerate the development  of AI. The partners also collaborate in research, as one third of the 500+ peer-reviewed articles published by Mila’s researchers in 2022 have been co-authored with industry partners. 

Some of the current partners include Meta, Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM, Roche and Amgen. Silo AI is the first Finnish company to enter into a partnership with Mila. The partnership further strengthens the relationship between leading AI scientists and researchers, contributing to connect the AI nodes in the Nordics and Montreal. 

The collaboration strengthens Silo AI’s presence in Canada, where the company has ambitious growth plans. In the near future, Silo AI looks at establishing its own offices in Canada, to better serve its expanding Canadian clientele. Canada and more widely North America present an interesting market for Silo AI. Thanks to its thriving technology sector and capable AI talent, it is a favorable environment for the company to expand and help companies build and scale AI. Canada has a high concentration of development initiatives in the field of AI particularly in maritime, heavy machinery and smart devices, which are some of the key areas of domain expertise at Silo AI. 

About Silo AI 

Silo AI is one of Europe’s largest private AI labs – a trusted AI partner that brings competitive advantage to product R&D. We build AI-driven solutions and products to enable smart devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities. Silo AI provides its customers a unique access to world-class AI expertise, as well as the Silo OS infrastructure to speed up AI development and deployment. Established in 2017, Silo AI is on a mission to build a European flagship AI company, with offices currently in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Canada. 

About Mila 

Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, Mila is an artificial intelligence research institute that brings together over 1,000 researchers specializing in machine learning. Based in Montreal, Mila’s mission is to be a global hub for scientific advances that inspire innovation and development of AI for the benefit of all. Mila is a non-profit organization recognized worldwide for its significant contributions to the field of deep learning, particularly in language modeling, machine translation, object recognition, and generative models. For more information, visit