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Xue Liu
Full Professor, McGill University, Samsung
Xue Liu

Dr. Xue (Steve) Liu is a Full Professor in the School of Computer Science and a William Dawson Scholar (Chair Professor) at McGill University. He is also a Professor (Courtesy Appointment) of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill University. He is a VP R&D, Chief Scientist, and Co-Director of the Samsung AI Center Montreal. Before that, he was the Chief Scientist at Tinder Inc., leading the research and innovation for the world’s largest dating and social discovery app valued over 10 Billion US$.

Dr. Liu is an IEEE Fellow. He is an associate member at MILA. At McGill University, he is also an associate member of the Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM), and an associate member of the Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies in Communications (SYTACom). He is a recipient of several awards including the 2017 Mitacs Award for Exceptional Leadership — Professor; the Outstanding Young Canadian Computer Science Researcher Prizes from the Canadian Association of Computer Science in 2014; and the Tomlinson Scientist Award for “recognition of excellence and scientific leadership” at McGill University. He is the founding director of the Cyber-Physical Intelligence Lab at McGill University since 2007. He also worked briefly as the Samuel R. Thompson Chair Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Palo Alto, California and IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in New York.



Differentiation independent neuroprotective role of Vcan+ oligodendrocyte precursor cells in poststroke cognitive impairment recovery
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Accelerating data filtering for database using FPGA
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Overheating-Avoidance Remapping Scheme for Reliability Enhancement of 3D PCM Storage Systems.
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Kidney injury molecule-1 is a potential receptor for SARS-CoV-2
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Accelerometer-based smartphone eavesdropping
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Probabilistic Metric Learning with Adaptive Margin for Top-K Recommendation
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Feature Statistics Guided Efficient Filter Pruning
Hang Li, Chen Ma, Wei Xu and Xue Liu
TimelyRep: Timing deterministic replay for Android web applications
Yanqiang Liu, Fangge Yan, Mingyuan Xia, Zhengwei Qi and Xue Liu
Software Testing, Verification & Reliability
Accelerating Deep Learning Systems via Critical Set Identification and Model Compression
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gRemote: API-Forwarding Powered Cloud Rendering.
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Shapley Homology: Topological Analysis of Sample Influence for Neural Networks.
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Decoupling of Gd–Cr magnetism and giant magnetocaloric effect in layered honeycomb tellurate GdCrTeO6
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Memory Augmented Graph Neural Networks for Sequential Recommendation
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Efficient drone hijacking detection using two-step GA-XGBoost
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SafeWatch: A Wearable Hand Motion Tracking System for Improving Driving Safety
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Learning-based Practical Smartphone Eavesdropping with Built-in Accelerometer.
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NDSS 2020
Exploiting Link Diversity for Performance-Aware and Repeatable Simulation in Low-Power Wireless Networks
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Efficient and Effective Dimension Control in Automotive Applications
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Givs: Fine-Grained Gesture Control for Mobile Devices in Driving Environments
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Bulk Savings for Bulk Transfers: Minimizing the Energy-Cost for Geo-Distributed Data Centers
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Connecting First and Second Order Recurrent Networks with Deterministic Finite Automata.
Qinglong Wang, Kaixuan Zhang, Xue Liu and C. Lee Giles
arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.04644
RadioLoc: Learning Vehicle Locations with FM Signal in All-Terrain Environments
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Leaking your engine speed by spectrum analysis of real-Time scheduling sequences
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Hierarchical Gating Networks for Sequential Recommendation
Chen Ma, Peng Kang and Xue Liu
B-IoT: Blockchain Driven Internet of Things with Credit-Based Consensus Mechanism
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Smoother: A Smooth Renewable Power-Aware Middleware
Xinxin Liu, Yu Hua, Xue Liu, Ling Yang and Yuanyuan Sun
ICDCS 2019


GreenBroker: Optimal Electric Vehicle Park-and-Charge Control via Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication
Qiao Xiang, Linghe Kong, Xi Chen, Zhe Wang, Lei Rao and Xue Liu


Distributed Data Center Bandwidth Allocation for Cloud-Based Streaming
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Reconfigurable Battery Systems: A Survey on Hardware Architecture and Research Challenges
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Towards Secure Industrial IoT: Blockchain System With Credit-Based Consensus Mechanism
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Searchable Storage in Cloud Computing
Xue Liu and Yu Hua
(venue unknown)
Multi-Channel Based Sybil Attack Detection in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using RSSI
Yuan Yao, Bin Xiao, Gaofei Wu, Xue Liu, Zhiwen Yu, Kailong Zhang and Xingshe Zhou
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Gated Attentive-Autoencoder for Content-Aware Recommendation
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Indoor Localization Based on Channel State Information
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Bandwidth and Energy Efficient Image Sharing for Situation Awareness in Disasters
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Verification of Recurrent Neural Networks Through Rule Extraction.
Qinglong Wang, Kaixuan Zhang, Xue Liu and C. Lee Giles
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Defending Against Adversarial Samples Without Security through Obscurity
Wenbo Guo, Qinglong Wang, Kaixuan Zhang, Alexander G. Ororbia, Sui Huang, Xue Liu, C. Lee Giles, Lin Lin and Xinyu Xing
ICDM 2018

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