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Thomas Jiralerspong

Student, Student M.Sc., Lab Representative, McGill University, Université de Montréal

I am a first year Master’s student in computer science co-supervised by Yoshua Bengio and Doina Precup at Mila and Université de Montréal.

My primary research interest is to take inspiration from human cognition to develop independent and useful artificial intelligence systems which have a positive impact on society.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Honours Computer Science at McGill University where I worked with Professor Blake Richards and Dr. Chen Sun on identifying important states for reinforcement learning in sparse reward environments, as well as with Professor Doina Precup and Dr. Khimya Khetarpal on temporally extended models and planning using option models in pixel environments.

I was also previously an intern at ExpediaSquare EnixAmazon, the Vector Institute and Waabi, as well as a Technical Project Manager for the McGill A.I. Society, where I helped to organize, run, and teach MAIS 202, the Accelerated Introduction to ML Bootcamp every semester.