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Eric Elmoznino

Student Ph.D., Université de Montréal

I’m an artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience researcher interested in closing the gap between deep learning and the human mind. Current deep neural networks excel at perceptual tasks, but have yet to break through in the kinds of problems that humans solve through conscious, effortful thought. I aim to understand this more elusive mode of information processing so that we can mechanize it and build true, general artificial intelligence.

I’m currently pursuing a PhD at the Université de Montréal under the supervision of professors Guillaume Lajoie and Yoshua Bengio, where my research focuses on the development of AI models with inductive biases from consciousness and high-level human cognition.

Outside of research, I’m also very passionate about teaching. I work as a Data Science Instructor at Lighthouse Labs, where I design and teach my own lectures on various topics in machine learning to students enrolled in an intensive coding bootcamp. The students come from all types of academic and professional backgrounds, which makes for a unique and exciting learning dynamic!