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Aristides Milios

Aristides Milios headshot
Student M.Sc., McGill University

I have begun an M.Sc. at McGill University under Siva Reddy in the Fall of 2021. In my undergrad at Dalhousie University I was involved in promoting entrepreneurship and design thinking, becoming one of Dalhousie’s UIF Fellows after passing through the rigorous and competitive University Innovation Fellows program. I did two research internships at MarineTraffic Inc. (summer 2018 and winter 2019), in Athens, Greece, researching the fusion of AIS ship tracking data and radar-based satellite imagery, in cooperation with the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie University. In the fall of 2019, I completed an internship at the Know-Center research institute in Graz, Austria, doing research into Active Learning and interactive dataset labelling. I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science with First Class Honours at Dalhousie in August of 2020. For a year I did a combination of TA work and research work at Dalhousie under professors from my undergrad before joining MILA.

In terms of research, I am primarily interested in natural language processing. Specifically, I am interested in augmenting large neural language models with world knowledge via knowledge bases and other means, to help improve their commonsense reasoning about the world. Secondarily I am interested in the few-shot and multi-task learning abilities of these models, and injecting interpretability mechanisms into them to make them more tunable and to make how they arrive at their results more understandable.