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Paul Barde

PhD - McGill University


A Model-Based Solution to the Offline Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Coordination Problem
Paul Barde
Jakob Nicolaus Foerster
Amy Zhang
From Words to Blocks: Building Objects by Grounding Language Models with Reinforcement Learning
Michael Ahn
Anthony Brohan
Noah Brown
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Leveraging pre-trained language models to gen-001 erate action plans for embodied agents is an 002 emerging research direction. However, exe… (see more)-003 cuting instructions in real or simulated envi-004 ronments necessitates verifying the feasibility 005 of actions and their relevance in achieving a 006 goal. We introduce a novel method that in-007 tegrates a language model and reinforcement 008 learning for constructing objects in a Minecraft-009 like environment, based on natural language 010 instructions. Our method generates a set of 011 consistently achievable sub-goals derived from 012 the instructions and subsequently completes the 013 associated sub-tasks using a pre-trained RL pol-014 icy. We employ the IGLU competition, which 015 is based on the Minecraft-like simulator, as our 016 test environment, and compare our approach 017 to the competition’s top-performing solutions. 018 Our approach outperforms existing solutions in 019 terms of both the quality of the language model 020 and the quality of the structures built within the 021 IGLU environment. 022