Demo Day 2023

Two participants of Mila's Demo Day talking together in front of the stage
On November 29, Mila’s Entrepreneurship Lab welcomed its community and close collaborators to Demo Day, an event where the Fall cohort of entrepreneurs showcase their innovative AI startup projects and celebrate their achievements over the past ten weeks.

Seven entrepreneurs presented their pitches, explaining the social, environmental, medical, and business issues they aimed to tackle with their project. These included:

  • AIAudit, a solution to validate the ethics of AI tools for the banking sector
  • ChatLogis, a chatbot designed to democratize legal information related to housing in Quebec
  • Rubisco AI, a tool to optimize the management of forestry carbon credits
  • Spheroid AI, a tool for early, non-invasive detection of ovarian cancer
  • Tiptree, a business intelligence tool for executives and business analysts
  • Wanderwise, an application created to optimize and customize tourist circuits

A vast array of Mila collaborators were present at the event, held in Mila’s Agora, including Mila partners, faculty, staff, and even investors interested in hearing the Mila startups’ pitches and learning more about their proposed AI solutions. 

“Presenting my pitch for ChatLogis was something completely new to me, and being in a room full of Mila partners and investors was really exciting and energizing,” said Jacob Lavoie, founder of ChatLogis. “I was proud to present the great work we’ve done within Mila’s entrepreneurship cohort.”

Demo Day is part of a series of events designed to support Mila’s entrepreneurs throughout the development of their startup projects. Their pitches were the product of nearly 50 hours of guidance and coaching provided by Mila and its network.

“We were so pleased to be able to welcome our partners and collaborators to this edition of Mila’s Entrepreneurship Lab Demo Day. It allowed them to get a glimpse of our cohort’s incredible AI projects, and gave the entrepreneurs the chance to answer their questions, establish connections, and expand their network,” said Gabrielle Hurtubise-Radet, Principal Program Manager, Startups.

Within the entrepreneurship cohort, participants benefit from a variety of resources provided by Mila. These include workshops, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities with Mila’s contacts — resources that made the cohort’s experience all the more valuable.

"I'm glad Mila offers this kind of opportunity, because it's a real lifeline for us scientists to be able to launch ourselves into an entrepreneurial career,” said Jorgelindo da Veiga Moreira, co-founder of Spheroid AI. “It's like a second life, and for us it's essential to have that support."

Congratulations to the entrepreneurs who presented their pitch at this year’s Demo Day: Behrouz Babaki (AIAudit), Jacob Lavoie (ChatLogis), Anna Richter, Étienne Laliberté & Arthur Ouaknine (Rubisco AI), Jorgelindo da Veiga Moreira (Spheroid AI), Martin Weiss (Tiptree), and Gopeshh Subbaraj (Wanderwise)!