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MSc research

7 Nov 2019

MSc research

Are there admissions at Mila? 

  • No, Mila is not a university and does not grant diplomas. All research students at Mila are affiliated with one of the partner institutions, which handle the formal admission procedure to the MSc program. 

owever, Mila facilitates the matching between students and potential supervisors through the MILA supervision request platform which is open from October 15th to December 1st. More information can be found here

Note also that the Mila supervision request is a required first step to be advised by a Mila professor affiliated with the operation research and computer science department (DIRO) of Montreal University. 

Keep an eye on the admission dates for each institution at the following addresses to ensure you complete your application in a timely manner:

Important: Request for supervision at Mila and university admission are separate processes which must be completed in parallel.

When are the Mila supervision requests open?

  • From October 15h to December 1st.

When will I get an answer from Mila for my supervision request?

  • From February to March, sometimes early April.

What’s the admission term?

  • Fall and Winter.

What’s the duration of MSc?

  • 2 years.

Do I get a scholarship during my studies?

  • Yes, you will receive a scholarship (usually coming from one of your supervisor’s research funds). Please discuss with your potential supervisor to know the amount.

Am I allowed to get another or more scholarships?

  • Yes, and we encourage that.

Do I have the possibility to get a teaching assistant position?

  • Yes.

Do we need a GRE certification?

  • Not necessary in order to get admitted to the program.

Do I need to speak French to follow the program?

  • No, although learning French would be an asset for you if you chose the Quebec job market and to find an internship.

Is the program offered to international students?

  • Yes