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Berk Bozkurt

Jack Stanley

Posted on08/10/2022
Currently, I am studying how machine learning can be applied to biological and medical problems, specifically the integration of large and diverse...
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Tiffany Vlaar

Posted on27/09/2022
Postdoctoral researcher at Mila, with a background in Mathematics of Deep Learning (PhD, University of Edinburgh), Physics (MSc, Perimeter Institute) and Geophysics...
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Zhaoyue Wang

Posted on23/09/2022
Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Computer Science. Current Master student Interested in interpretable-AI and neural-symbolic reasoning.

Flemming Kondrup

Posted on09/09/2022
I am a PhD Student supervised by Doina Precup. My main areas of interest are Reinforcement Learning (RL) and ML for Healthcare....
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Thomas Jiralerspong

Posted on09/09/2022
I am an undergraduate student in Honours Mathematics and Computer Science working with Professors Doina Precup and Blake Richards on adding planning...
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Siba Smarak Panigrahi

Posted on02/09/2022
I am a M.Sc. (Thesis) student at McGill University and Mila under the supervision of Prof. Siamak Ravanbakhsh. My research interests span representation learning , reinforcement...
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