Xavier Bouthillier

Xavier Bouthillier
Student, Ph.D.
Xavier Bouthillier

I am a fifth year PhD student in computer science at Mila, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Pascal Vincent, specializing in machine learning, most specifically deep learning. I am strongly interested by both research and software development.

During my Master and PhD I did research on a wide array of subjects ranging from NLP, Computer Vision, optimization to theoretical deep learning. I am now concentrating on studying the methodology for deep learning research, designing methods to improve reproducibility.

Beside research, I have been an important contributor to tools developed at LISA/Mila such as Theano and Pylearn2 and a mentor for students contributing to these projects. I am now the lead developer of the project Oríon, a platform for hyper-parameter optimization, supported by the Mila IDT team and for which we are currently signing collaboration agreements with the industry. I am concurrently developing an automation tool called Mahler, which enables large scale experimentations for improved reproducibility using statistical tests.

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Mila goes virtual

Starting March 16, 2020, Mila shifts its activities to virtual platforms in order to minimize COVID-19 diffusion.

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