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Associate Academic Member
Karim Jerbi
Associate Professor, Université de Montréal
Karim Jerbi

Karim Jerbi is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal. His areas of expertise include cognitive neuroimaging, systems neuroscience, as well as automatic learning and data mining. His research aims to advance knowledge about brain functions and dysfunctions. He is particularly interested in the neural mechanisms that allow communication between the various areas of the brain.



Decoding the neural dynamics of free choice in humans.
Thomas Thiery, Anne-Lise Saive, Etienne Combrisson, Arthur Dehgan, Julien Bastin, Philippe Kahane, Alain Berthoz, Jean-Philippe Lachaux and Karim Jerbi


Tensorpac : an open-source Python toolbox for tensor-based Phase-Amplitude Coupling measurement in electrophysiological brain signals
Etienne Combrisson, Timothy Nest, Andrea Brovelli, Robin A. A. Ince, Juan L. P. Soto, Aymeric Guillot and Karim Jerbi
PLOS Computational Biology
europepmc.orgPDF[Also on bioRxiv (2020-04-18)]
Neural oscillations track natural but not artificial fast speech: Novel insights from speech-brain coupling using MEG
Ana Sofía Hincapié Casas, Tarek Lajnef, Hélène Guiraud, Hannu Laaksonen, Dimitri Bayle, Karim Jerbi and Véronique Boulenger
NeuroPycon: An open-source python toolbox for fast multi-modal and reproducible brain connectivity pipelines.
David Meunier, Annalisa Pascarella, Dmitrii Altukhov, Mainak Jas, Etienne Combrisson, Tarek Lajnef, Daphné Bertrand-Dubois, Vanessa Hadid, Golnoush Alamian, Jordan Alves, Fanny Barlaam, Anne-Lise Saive, Arthur Dehgan and Karim Jerbi


Human Anterior Insula Encodes Performance Feedback and Relays Prediction Error to the Medial Prefrontal Cortex
Pablo Billeke, Tomas Ossandon, Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti, Philippe Kahane, Julien Bastin, Karim Jerbi, Jean-Philippe Lachaux and Pablo Fuentealba
Cerebral Cortex


Disentangling presentation and processing times in the brain
Laurent Caplette, Robin A.A. Ince, Karim Jerbi and Frédéric Gosselin


Can EEG and MEG detect signals from the human cerebellum
Lau M. Andersen, Karim Jerbi and Sarang S. Dalal


Patient, interrupted: MEG oscillation dynamics reveal temporal dysconnectivity in schizophrenia.
Golnoush Alamian, Annalisa Pascarella, Tarek Lajnef, Laura Knight, James Walters, Krish D. Singh and Karim Jerbi
NeuroImage: Clinical


Coupling between human brain activity and body movements: Insights from non-invasive electromagnetic recordings
Mathieu Bourguignon, Veikko Jousmaki, Sarang S.S. Dalal, Karim Jerbi and Xavier De Tiege


Visual short‐term memory activation patterns in adult survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Aubree Boulet‐Craig, Philippe Robaey, Fanny Barlaam, Julie Laniel, Victor Oswald, Karim Jerbi, Serge Sultan, Laurence Affret‐Bertout, Simon Drouin, Maja Krajinovic, Caroline Laverdière, Daniel Sinnett, Pierre Jolicoeur and Sarah Lippé
Decoding the neural dynamics of oculomotor decision making in humans
Thomas Thiery, Anne-Lise Saive, Etienne Combrisson, Arthur Dehgan, Julien Bastin, Philippe Kahane, Alain Berthoz, Jean-Philippe Lachaux and Karim Jerbi

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