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30 Jun 2020

Yoshua Bengio becomes scientific advisor of Perceiv AI

Yoshua Bengio, Founder of Mila and computer science professor at University of Montreal, will support the ongoing research of Perceiv AI in precision medicine to improve and optimize drug development clinical trials.


Founded by graduate students out of University of Montreal and Mila, Perceiv AI aims to improve treatment efficacy thanks to refined patient selection.


Through advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Perceiv AI helps pharmaceutical companies with more efficient and accurate subject stratification for their clinical trials. Heterogeneity in patient populations creates challenges in enrolment for clinical trials, which can result in increased trial costs and failures, delaying the commercialization of much-needed treatments.


“For having seen the ravages of diseases like Alzheimer’s from up close, I am very motivated to see more development of AI techniques, such as done at Perceiv AI, to provide better targeted treatments, and I am delighted to see the next generation of AI researchers embarking on such projects of important value for society while contributing to grow the startup ecosystem in Montreal,” said Yoshua Bengio, Ph.D.


“We are thrilled to reinforce our relationship with Mila and to welcome Yoshua as an advisor!” said Christian Dansereau, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Perceiv AI. “With their help, we will be able to leverage the most recent advances in Representation Learning to further refine our prognostic biomarkers, not only for Alzheimer’s but also for new therapeutic areas.”


“At Perceiv, our mission is to improve patients’ lives and their treatments’ efficacy. Machine Learning has the potential to drastically impact the way we treat patients and evaluate new therapies,” said César Laurent, CTO and co-founder of Perceiv AI. “Our team has developed a multimodal prognostic biomarker that has already proven successful for Alzheimer’s disease.”



About Mila

Founded in 1993 by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the Université de Montréal, Mila is a research institute in artificial intelligence which rallies 500 researchers specializing in the field of deep learning. Based in Montreal, Mila’s mission is to be a global pole for scientific advances that inspires innovation and the development of AI for the benefit of all.

Since 2017, Mila is the result of a partnership between the Université de Montréal and McGill University, closely linked with Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal, and gathers in its offices a community of professors, students, industrial partners and startups working in AI, making the institute the world’s largest academic research center in deep learning.

 About Perceiv AI

Founded in 2018, Perceiv AI is a precision medicine technology company dedicated to improving treatment efficacy through refined patients selection.  Thanks to multiple partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research centres, Perceiv AI is developing digital biomarkers to help clinical trials succeed by pairing multimodal biomedical data and proprietary artificial intelligence technology to target the most suitable patients. Our turn-key solutions can be used for prognostic enrichment and as a companion diagnostic for precise targeting of responders to a particular therapeutic intervention. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Perceiv AI is helping build the future of precision medicine. For more information, visit us at