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3 Feb 2021

The 6th IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School: a chance to stay at the forefront of technological development

The IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School set up by Yoshua Bengio aims to introduce information technology professionals to the latest developments in AI.

Deep learning is considered the fastest-growing field in machine learning, with practically every business sector carving out space for this transformative technology. Skills in deep learning are increasingly being sought-after by many leading tech companies. With this in mind, Mila and IVADO Scientific Director Yoshua Bengio launched the successful IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School in 2016 to answer the growing need for deep learning experts.

The intention is to respond to the need expressed by computer science professionals who wish to add deep learning (DL) to their skillset. Gaétan Marceau Caron is an Applied Research Scientist at Mila, the Quebec AI institute recognized worldwide as one of the leading research hubs for machine learning, and teaches at the IVADO/Mila school. According to him, participants will be able to “apply new knowledge in their field of expertise to improve their work and generate more value within their organization,” while being more aware of the ethical issues related to artificial intelligence.

Dr. Marceau Caron added that “deep learning can solve complex real-world problems by learning from large amounts of data of different types, including text, images, and audio.” The school is therefore aimed at technology and science professionals and offers a rare upskilling opportunity for those who wish to learn how to integrate AI and machine learning into their professional portfolio and contribute to their private or public organization’s innovation goals.

The IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School provides individuals with a quality continuing education program that is financially accessible and designed with a school/work balance in mind. The school’s instructors are internationally recognized experts in the field and will guide participants through the basics of deep learning and the latest technological advances in the field.

“The school introduces and dives into the major topics of deep learning with a mix of theory and coding. We will cover everything from the basics to modern state of the art architectures, to multi-layer perceptrons and transformers. Tailored coding exercises will allow you to apply what is covered in the lectures in a hands-on way,” said Jeremy Pinto, Applied Research Scientist at Mila and Instructor at the IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School.

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Registration is now open for the 6th IVADO/Mila Deep Learning School, taking place online from March 30 to April 29, 2021, with an introductory session on March 25. The curriculum is set for 45 hours over a five-week period.

This course is intermediate level and intended for industry professionals, academics, scientists, and digital intelligence enthusiasts with basic knowledge of Python programming and mathematics (linear algebra and statistics). 

Please note that the course will be given in English.