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9 Sep 2020

The 4th Annual Montreal AI Symposium 2020 (MAIS)


On Friday, September 11, 2020, the 4th annual installment of the Montreal AI Symposium (MAIS) will bring together some of the leading minds in artificial intelligence research and development, with an emphasis on deep learning, machine learning and related approaches. Over 700 people have registered for this day-long virtual event, which is open to academics, industry and professionals interested in learning more about AI.

Mila is delighted to announce that Irina Rish, core academic member and newly appointed Canada AI CIFAR Chair and Canadian Excellence Research Chair in Autonomous AI, will serve as keynote speaker and panelist alongside Zach Chase Lipton (Carnegie Mellon University) and Natalie Schluter (Google Brain). The symposium will include poster sessions and a panel moderated by Montreal AI Ethics Institute founder Abhishek Gupta on ethics, fairness, and bias in AI.

With over 50 contributed posters from its members, Mila is proud to further advance research and build strong connections between industry and academia in its own backyard.

For more information on the keynote speakers and the scientific program, visit the MAIS 2020 website.

To register, click here.