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Pablo Piantanida

Hugo Latourelle-Vigeant

Posted on12/09/2023
I am currently a master’s student at McGill University where I have the privilege of being supervised by Professor Courtney Paquette and...
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Fabricio Dos Santos

Posted on23/08/2023
I am a student in Mathematics & Computer Science at McGill University graduating in winter 2024, and an intern at Mila...
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Mahsa Massoud

Posted on18/08/2023
I am a M.Sc. student at McGill and Mila since winter 2023, working under the supervision of Siamak Ravanbakhsh . My research...
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Xiusi Li

Posted on18/08/2023
Hi there! I’m a research MSc student under the supervision of Prof Siamak Ravanbakhsh. Before coming to Mila I completed my undergraduate...
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Yu Bai (柏宇)

Posted on09/08/2023
I am Yu Bai, a Ph.D. student at the Beijing Institute of Technology. Now I am an intern at MILA advised by...
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Gaurav Kamath

Posted on17/07/2023
I am a PhD student at McGill University / Mila, supervised by Morgan Sonderegger and Siva Reddy. My research focuses on the...
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Parsa Bagherzadeh

Posted on14/06/2023
Dr. Parsa Bagherzadeh (پارسا باقرزاده) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University, under supervision of Dr. Shirin Enger , where he focuses...
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Sahar Omidi Shayegan

Posted on24/05/2023
I started my M.Sc. at McGill and Mila in 2022, working under the supervision of Reihaneh Rabbany. My research focuses on network...
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