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Bharat Runwal

Vishal Gupta

Posted on27/11/2022
After spending four years at Indian product companies, applying NLP techniques and statistical models to accelerate sales and marketing processes, I decided...
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Raj Ghugare

Posted on07/09/2022
My research studies reinforcement learning in general, aiming at building autonomous agents that learn a model of their environment to exhibit behaviors...
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Razieh Shirzadkhani

Posted on12/08/2022
I’m a Master’s student at McGill University and a research intern at Mila under supervision of REIHANEH RABBANY. My research interests are...
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AliAkbar Ghayouri

Posted on12/07/2022
I am Research Intern at Mila. My supervisor is Prof. Laurent Charlin and my research topic is conversational recommender systems.

Javin Liu

Posted on06/07/2022
  I am currently a student at McGill University majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. Currently, I am working in the complex...
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Daria Yasafova

Posted on02/07/2022
I am passionate about life extension and leveraging ML for medicine. At Mila, I am engaging in a research project supervised by...
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Sharut Gupta

Posted on24/05/2022
I am a research intern at MILA and Imagia Cybernetics under the supervision of Prof. Yoshua Bengio. I am broadly interested in...
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Sriyash Poddar

Posted on17/05/2022
Intern at the Chandar Lab at Mila working on multi-agent reinforcement learning for cooperative games. I am an undergraduate at the Indian...
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Leo Schwinn

Posted on07/02/2022
I am a third-year PhD student at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). I am currently doing an internship supervised by Doina Precup. My...
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