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Sriyash Poddar

Posted on17 May 2022
Intern at the Chandar Lab at Mila working on multi-agent reinforcement learning for cooperative games. I am an undergraduate at the Indian...
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Can Chen

Posted on13 Apr 2022
I am a second-year Ph.D. student at McGill supervised by Prof. Xue Liu. Previously, I graduated (bachelor) from University of Science and...
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Dun Yuan

Posted on09 Apr 2022
MSc Computer Science (Thesis) student at McGill University Supervisor: Prof. Xue (Steve) Liu Research interest: Distributed system, deep learning

Khanh Ho

Posted on08 Apr 2022
I am a Ph.D. student at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Narges Armanfard. I am also affiliated with Mila-Quebec AI...
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Nasir Khalid

Posted on07 Apr 2022
I am a MSc student in the computer science department at Concordia university – currently working on applying deep learning to 3D...
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Fuyuan Lyu

Posted on01 Apr 2022
I’m currently a Ph.D. Candidate at McGill University co-supervised by Prof Jin Guo and Prof. Xue Liu. My research interest lies in...
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Junliang Luo

Posted on30 Mar 2022
Ph.D. student at McGill University supervised by Prof. Xue Liu. Research interests: Applied Machine Learning with Blockchain, Cloud Applications with Blockchain. Obtained...
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