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Sriyash Poddar

Sriyash Poddar

Posted on17/05/2022
Intern at the Chandar Lab at Mila working on multi-agent reinforcement learning for cooperative games. I am an undergraduate at the Indian...
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Leo Schwinn

Posted on07/02/2022
I am a third-year PhD student at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). I am currently doing an internship supervised by Doina Precup. My...
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Nino Scherrer

Posted on06/01/2022
I am interested in the causal perspective on representation learning, credit assignment and reinforcement learning.

Udbhav Bamba

Posted on02/01/2022
I am currently an understudy at IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, pursuing Integrated M. Tech in Mathematics and Computing. My interest lies in understanding and...
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Emanuele Bugliarello

Posted on03/12/2021
I am Emanuele (/emanu’ɛle/), a 3rd-year Marie Curie PhD Fellow in the CoAStaL NLP group at the University of Copenhagen, and currently...
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Chris Emezue

Posted on18/09/2021
I’m a Masters student in Mathematics in Data Science at the Technical University of Munich and a MSc Research intern with Professor...
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Bonaventure Dossou

Posted on18/09/2021
I’m MSc Student in Data Engineering at Jacobs University Bremen and a MSc Research Intern. I am applying deep learning NLP generative...
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Sophia Xu

Posted on05/08/2021
Hi! I’m a sophomore at McGill University majoring in mathematics. I’m interested in knowledge graphs and natural language processing.

Zeyuan Yin

Posted on29/07/2021
I am an intern at MILA under the supervision of Laurent Charlin. My research interests include Knowledge Graph and Continual Learning.

Taapas Agrawal

Posted on28/07/2021
I am a final-year undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur, India. My research interests/ experiences include fundamental and theoretical RL, Deep RL for Robotics,...
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