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Ada Tur

Posted on19 Jan 2023
Bonjour/Hello! I am a first year student at McGill studying Computer Science and Linguistics. My primary interests are natural language processing and...
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Vishal Gupta

Posted on27 Nov 2022
After spending four years at Indian product companies, applying NLP techniques and statistical models to accelerate sales and marketing processes, I decided...
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Raj Ghugare

Posted on07 Sep 2022
My research studies reinforcement learning in general, aiming at building autonomous agents that learn a model of their environment to exhibit behaviors...
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AliAkbar Ghayouri

Posted on12 Jul 2022
I am Research Intern at Mila. My supervisor is Prof. Laurent Charlin and my research topic is conversational recommender systems.

Javin Liu

Posted on06 Jul 2022
  I am currently a student at McGill University majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. Currently, I am working in the complex...
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