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Shalaleh Rismani

Student, Student Ph.D., McGill University

I am currently pursuing my PhD in electrical and computer engineering at McGill University. I am a member of the Responsible Autonomy and Intelligent Systems Ethics (RAISE Lab). My current research focuses on how we can measure/evaluate the adherence of AI systems to AI ethics principles.  Prior to starting my PhD, I  studied design methodology during my masters at UBC and developed a novel needs finding technique based on Activity Theory, a well-established social system analysis methodology. In addition, I completed a bachelors in mechanical engineering (mechatronics options) where I completed a number of robotics-related internships.

I am currently the co-director and a design researcher at the Open Roboethics Institute (ORI), previously Open Roboethics initiative (ORi) which was established in 2012. ORI is a Canadian thinktank investigating the ethical and social implications of AI and robotics. To review what ORI has been working on check out our website at