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Riashat Islam

Student Ph.D.

I am a first year PhD student in Machine Learning where I am supervised by Doina Precup in the Reasoning and Learning Lab and Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA) at McGill University. I am also a research intern at Microsoft Research Montreal, where I collaborate with Philip BachmanI also collaborate with Yarin Gal from Oxford University.

Previously, I was a Masters student at University of Cambridge in the MPhil Machine Learning, Speech and Language Technology program. I completed my Masters degree under the supervision of Zoubin Ghahramani and Yarin Gal at Cambridge Machine Learning Group. My Masters was funded by the Cambridge Commonwealth and International Trust, and I was a member of St John’s College, Cambridge. 

Prior to that I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London working under supervision of John Shawe-Taylor and Guy Lever from the Centre of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning and Gatsby Computational and Neuroscience Unit at UCL. I also had a great fortune working with David Silver from Google DeepMind during my undergraduate thesis.

I was also a summer research student at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF)where I worked under supervision of Richard Murray in the Control and Dynamical Systems Lab, under a project in collaboration with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)and Keck Institute for Space Studies Before that, I was a summer research student in the Machine Learning Group at Johns Hopkins University working under supervision of Suchi Saria.