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Raihan Seraj

Student, Student Ph.D.

I am a Ph.D. student at the  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University. I am working at the  Systems and Control Group, Center for Intelligent Machines (CIM)  under the supervision of  Professor Aditya Mahajan.  I am a research scientist intern at  Aerial Technologies where I focus on learning algorithms for realtime indoor localization using wireless signals. I was a former Research Engineer (Software Development) at the Department Of Biomedical Physics and Technology, University of Dhaka  under the supervision of  Dr. Siddique-e- Rabbani.  I completed my Master’s degree in  Electrical and Computer Engineeringfrom  McGill University and my undergraduate degree in  Electrical and Electronic Engineering from  Islamic University of Technology (IUT).

I am primarily interested in using  Machine Learning algorithms for achieving optimal control of  Multi-agent systems . My research focus is therefore at the intersection of  Reinforcement learning and control systems for intelligent control applications.

I am also interested in domains of RL / MDPs for scalable navigation and manipulation, especially novel algorithms that can be deployed on humanoid robots. I also have a broad interest in using deep neural networks as function approximators in reinforcement learning algorithms that solves the limitation of the need to develop task-specific feature representations.