Mathieu Blanchette

Academic Associate Member
Mathieu Blanchette
Associate Professor, McGill University
Mathieu Blanchette

Director of School of Computer Science at McGill University.

After completing his Ph.D. (U. of Washington, 2002) and postdoc (UC Santa Cruz, 2003), Mathieu joined the School of Computer Science at McGill and founded the Computational Genomics Lab. The research made by his awesome team has been published in more than 70 publications. Recently elected member of the College of Scholar of the Canadian Royal Society, he was a Sloan Fellow (2009), and received the Outstanding Young Computer Scientist Researcher Prize from the Canadian Association for Computer Science (2012), and the Chris Overton prize (2006). He loves teaching and supervising students, and received the Leo Yaffe prize for teaching (2008).

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Mila goes virtual

Starting March 16, 2020, Mila shifts its activities to virtual platforms in order to minimize COVID-19 diffusion.

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