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Julien Cohen-Adad

Associate Academic Member
Associate Professor, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Julien Cohen-Adad is a Professor at Polytechnique Montreal and Associate Director of the Neuroimaging Functional Unit at University of Montreal. He also holds the Canada Research Chair in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging. His research focuses on advancing neuroimaging methods with the help of AI. Examples of projects include:

  • Multi-modal training for medical imaging tasks (segmentation of pathologies, diagnosis, etc.);
  • Adding prior from MRI physics to improve model generalization;
  • Incorporating uncertainty measures to deal with inter-rater variability;
  • Continuous learning strategies when data sharing is restricted;
  • Bringing AI methods into clinical radiology routine via user-friendly software solutions;

Prof. Cohen-Adad is also leading multiple open-source software projects that are benefiting the research and clinical community. One of them is the medical AI framework ivadomed.

In summary, Julien loves: MRI with strong magnets 🧲 , neuroimaging 🧠, programming in 🐍  and open science 🌎  !

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