Haolun Wu

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Haolun Wu
Student Ph.D., McGill University
Haolun Wu

I am a second-year Ph.D. student at McGill and Mila. I work with Xue (Steve) Liu,  Fernando Diaz, and Laurent Charlin. My research interests include Information Retrieval, Recommender systems, Fairness, Continual Learning, etc. I am committed to using advanced AI techniques to benefit social goods and aid human decision-making.

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Research interests:

  • Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Fairness, Continual Learning, Trustworthy AI, etc.

Life Skills:

  • I am a certificated clarinet player, supervised by Yi Zhu. I was a member of Musicians Association of Sichuan, China.
  • I am a master in Chinese Calligraphy, supervised by Jialin Zheng.