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Haolun Wu

Student Ph.D., McGill University

I am a 3rd Ph.D. student at McGill and Mila. I am delighted in working with Xue (Steve) Liu, Fernando Diaz, and Laurent Charlin. My research interests include: Information Retrieval, Recommender System, Knowledge localization for LLMs, Trustworthy ML, etc. I am broadly interested in knowledge modeling, storage, and retrieval in information systems, and also the alignment to social good. My research is supported by Borealis AI Fellowship.

Click here to reach my personal website and CV.

Industrial Experience:

  • [08/2023 – 02/2024] Google Research. New York. Student Researcher. Mentor / Team Leader: Cicero Santos.
  • [03/2023 – 02/2024] Microsoft Research. Cambridge. MSR-Mila Research Collaboration. Mentor: Bhaskar Mitra. Team leader: John Winn.
  • [11/2022 – 02/2023] Google Research. Mountain View. Research Intern. Mentor: Ofer Meshi. Team leader: Craig Boutilier.
  • [07/2022 – 06/2023] Bell Canada. Montreal. MITACS Accelerate Fellowship.
  • [11/2021 – 09/2022] Microsoft Research. Montreal. MSR-Mila Research Collaboration. Mentor: Fernando Diaz.

Life Skills:

  • I am a certificated clarinet player, supervised by Yi Zhu. I was a member of Musicians Association of Sichuan, China.
  • I am a master in Chinese Calligraphy, supervised by Jialin Zheng.